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The moral case for lower, simpler taxes and a request for a debate

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This week, the 2020 Tax Commission published its final report (PDF). Yesterday, Eamonn Butler wrote Don’t ignore the powerful moral arguments against high taxation. I recommend the whole article, but this section is particularly compelling: Tax reduces people’s ability to act morally. They might prefer to spend their money on helping their children become good citizens, caring for their elderly relatives, or supporting good causes. Instead they see it taken and going on bank bailouts or expensive prestige projects. Though we wish […]

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What kind of government? Looking forward to the budget

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Via the TaxPayers’ Alliance, this video explains vividly that the Government is spending £22,218 every second. In this week’s MoneyWeek, Merryn Somerset Webb’s editorial is titled “Slash spending and taxes”. She refers to Dr Tim Morgan’s work which explains that the economy has for too long been dependent on private borrowing and public spending and that, now these are “dead in the water”, 70% of the economy is incapable of growth. I have previously explained that this Government will be […]

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The average family pays £656,000 in tax over their lifetime

The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) shows that the average family pays £656,000 in tax over their lifetime. After years of the state overspending and misusing our money we now have a greater idea of how far this legacy cripples the finances of British families. The TPA’s latest research shows the total amount of direct and indirect tax that households will pay over their working lifetimes and in retirement. Based on the current level of taxes applying over a working lifetime of 40 years […]

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New book finds green taxes are excessive by over £500 a family | Home | The TaxPayers’ Alliance

Something to look forward to – a new book on carbon taxes published tomorrow: The biggest threat to taxpayers right now is expensive new green taxes and subsidies. In the first ever mainstream book on this subject – published Thursday 18 August – TaxPayers’ Alliance Director Matthew Sinclair has exposed how this is the critical new threat to family finances. With rising fuel bills and petrol prices, it will be a defining feature of the political landscape over the coming […]

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The TaxPayers’ Alliance looks set to be more political

Interesting news from ConservativeHome: Jonathan Isaby, our former co-editor, will be the TaxPayers’ Alliance’s first ever Political Director. Jonathan’s role will be centred on building links with MPs, MEPs and Ministers, in order for the TPA to better represent taxpayers in Westminster and Brussels. He will focus on representing the work of the 2020 Tax Commission – which seeks to simplify and reduce the British tax system – as well as building alliances and joint campaigns with other groups representing […]

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TPA: How long do you work for the tax man?


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