Interesting news from ConservativeHome:

Jonathan Isaby, our former co-editor, will be the TaxPayers’ Alliance’s first ever Political Director.

Jonathan’s role will be centred on building links with MPs, MEPs and Ministers, in order for the TPA to better represent taxpayers in Westminster and Brussels. He will focus on representing the work of the 2020 Tax Commission – which seeks to simplify and reduce the British tax system – as well as building alliances and joint campaigns with other groups representing taxpayers across Europe, in light of the €urozone crisis.

I always hoped the Conservative Party was the campaigning organisation for those who want lower taxes for a better society…


  1. What happened to them being an ‘independent champion’ to scrutinise public spending?

    Frankly, this just confirms further what we all knew – they’re a front group for the Tea Party-ish, ‘Elf’n’safety Gona Mad!’, anti-PC wing of the Tory party…

  2. The reason the Tories are no longer a campaigning organisation for lower taxes is that they are no longer the Tories that they were when I was young. Like too many politicians they have been become addicted to giving away money, but unfortunately it is other people’s money. They no longer have the ethos of most of their supporters in wanting value for money – only today it was reported that an ex-Blair advisor is now being paid £4000 per day (reduced from £5000) as a consultant to advise the DFID how to spend aid in Pakistan.
    Where are the campaigning Tories if this sort of thing is happening – I’m sure it’s not an isolated example.
    We need the Taxpayers Alliance – In Trumps!