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How I learned to love double glazing

The Casa Rural Hospedería El Convento is charming and the staff friendly, but I thought roosters were supposed to crow at dawn, not constantly from 3 am. The blasted thing sounds quite hoarse now and I am happy to announce that I am ready to put it out of its misery. In the meantime, I have learned to treasure modern double glazing over traditional, lightweight balcony doors and shutters. Now, if only the hotel were capable of the simple task […]

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Canary Wharf transport: an opportunity to see the silver lining?

I wanted to hear a lecture in Westminster at 18:45 – Charles Moore for the CPS – but the Jubilee line was suspended for a signal failure and the DLR closed eastbound for a “passenger incident”. So, thousands waiting in the tube station, long queues for taxis and the westbound DLR access closed for crowding on the platforms and in the trains. Really quite unpleasant. At least the KTM has been carbon offset… I understand the Jubilee line has reopened. […]

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The greatest hangover cure

Jump from an aeroplane at an unexpectedly-low altitude. We intended to go to 12500 feet, but cloud brought us down to 5000 feet, the lowest I have jumped since RAPS. It turns out I can get stable instantly and enjoy about 12 seconds of freefall, still pulling at 3500. The team who went first took a few points before pulling…

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London drivers: why not look and signal before U-turning out of queues? Imagine the advantages.

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Post-accident genius

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I found a set of traffic lights in High Wycombe twisted through about 60 degrees. Thankfully, I realised in time that I was pulling into eager crossing traffic.

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