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How I learned to love double glazing

The Casa Rural Hospedería El Convento is charming and the staff friendly, but I thought roosters were supposed to crow at dawn, not constantly from 3 am. The blasted thing sounds quite hoarse now and I am happy to announce that I am ready to put it out of its […]

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The greatest hangover cure

Jump from an aeroplane at an unexpectedly-low altitude. We intended to go to 12500 feet, but cloud brought us down to 5000 feet, the lowest I have jumped since RAPS. It turns out I can get stable instantly and enjoy about 12 seconds of freefall, still pulling at 3500. The […]

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Post-accident genius

I found a set of traffic lights in High Wycombe twisted through about 60 degrees. Thankfully, I realised in time that I was pulling into eager crossing traffic.

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