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Video – Brexit Update: here’s what’s going on with Brexit

PRESS RELEASE 20181008 FROM STEVE BAKER MP – NO EMBARGO Former Brexit minister and ERG Deputy Chairman Steve Baker MP (Wycombe, Con) today released a series of five short videos summarising where we are in the Brexit negotiations. These are intended to inform the public. Steve remembers Maastricht at the age of 21 as a terrible row which hardly anyone seemed to understand. These videos are intended to avoid that problem today. He says, British politics is starting to resemble […]

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Video: Please vote Conservative on June 8

General Election 2017 is the most important in our lifetimes. As the campaign has progressed, the choice facing our country has become clearer. For more on local issues, please see: http://www.stevebaker.info/tag/wycombe/ And on our hospital, please see: http://www.stevebaker.info/tag/hospital/ You can find my speech on a new kind of Urgent Treatment Centre here (at the time, the NHS used the term “Urgent Care Centre”): http://www.stevebaker.info/2015/01/urgent-care-at-wycombe-hospital/ Please vote Conservative on June 8. [Please comment on this post on Facebook.]

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Coming soon: Bank of Dave – watch my interview with Dave Fishwick

On 1 February, I caught up with Dave Fishwick, star of Channel 4’s fantastic series Bank of Dave: Convinced that he can do a better job than the high street banks, Dave Fishwick sets up his own small bank and endeavours to make it profitable – in just 180 days Episodes are here. In this interview, you can learn how Burnley Savings and Loans is making progress towards becoming a proper bank by the end of the year, while preserving […]

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The #Article50 Bill – Will your MP #KeepNotificationSimple?

The #Article50 Bill – Will your MP #KeepNotificationSimple? https://t.co/a2qheJZwfS https://t.co/dsIf2cHs73 — Steve Baker MP (@SteveBakerHW) February 6, 2017

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When planning goes wrong – business change of use

I feel sure I can claim the support of everyone if I write that the planning system should promote prosperity. I am certain those operating the system work diligently within the rules with that noble intent in mind. However, over the past few years, I have seen a number of instances where business owners have had what I considered their legitimate and beneficial commercial interests impeded or completely stymied by planning decisions. Reasons have always been given but in every case, […]

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The Conservative Manifesto and the type of country we want to be

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This election is about the type of country we want to be. We can keep going forward with the Conservatives, and build a country where those who work hard and do the right thing can enjoy a good life. Or we can go back to square one with Labour, who would put our economy and our future at risk with their plans for more borrowing, more debt and more taxes. The Conservative Manifesto is now available here (PDF). David Cameron […]

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Sun Nation’s “A day in the life of David Cameron”

On 18 March, Sun Nation published a  12-minute video, A Day in the Life of David Cameron: David Cameron has put Britain in his shoes by wearing a spy camera for #SunNation’s world exclusive ‘A Day in the Life’ video. In a first for a Western leader, the PM wore the tiny device on the walk from his limo to his 10 Downing Street study so voters can see what it feels like to be the nation’s most powerful man. The fascinating […]

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General Election 2015 – only by voting Conservative can you secure our country’s future

The country has been through tough times in recent years. Now we must build on the Government’s successes so the benefits of full employment, rewarding work and living within our means can be felt by everyone. I want lower taxes and improved public services which protect the vulnerable and answer to you. I will campaign to deliver world-class healthcare at Wycombe Hospital with the peace of mind of an NHS Urgent Care Centre. Parliament should be sovereign in British matters. […]

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A better way to engage with patients about health choices?

Via the doctor in the house, this video from James McCormack, Choosing Wisely: Could a little entertainment be what is missing from contemporary health education?

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Conservatives – Securing a better future for your family

Every parent wants the same things for their children: a good education, a decent job, great public services, a home of their own and – above all – the chance to make the most out of their life. Our long-term plan is securing a better future for your family – and for all our children and grandchildren.

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