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Bucks County Council is working hard to encourage voter turnout

Chris Williams, Chief Executive, Buckinghamshire County Council has said: Anyone presented with the opportunity to influence the running of an organisation with a customer base of more than half a million, and an £849 million budget, would kick themselves if they missed it. So I want to make sure every one of the 389,738 people in the county eligible to vote grasps their opportunity on Thursday 2 May to influence the way Buckinghamshire County Council is run. County Council elections happen once every four […]

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UK election laws ‘under strain’

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The planning and running of elections need to be more robust and co-ordinated. We are still trying to run 21st Century elections with 19th Century structures, and the system is under severe strain. Ok… but watch out for Diebold voting machines. read more | digg story

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