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Unauthorised Traveller Encampments and Fly-Tipping

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I know that many Wycombe constituents were concerned to read the Bucks Free Press report about how much it cost to clean-up the old High Wycombe sports centre site after travellers set up camp earlier this year. I can fully understand these concerns because we all want to ensure our taxes are spent prudently for the betterment of our community. I am speaking to Wycombe District Council about whether they were able to effectively use available powers to remove the unauthorised travellers’ encampment from the old […]

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Minimising Fire Risks in Wycombe

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, I have been concerned to ensure that we learn from the events in West London so that a similar blaze does not happen again. I have written to Wycombe District Council and our local social housing associations to encourage them to meet with their local fire and rescue officers. From the responses that I am starting to receive from the social housing associations, I am pleased that they are working closely with the Fire Authorities about this important matter. […]

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Polling stations open now in Bucks CC election

Polling is in progress today across the country. In Wycombe, we have elections for Bucks County Council and a by-election for Disraeli ward of Wycombe District Council. The BFP reports that our Town Crier has made a final appeal for people to vote. So far, turnout appears to be consistent with precedent for local elections: rather low. My wife and I voted this morning in West Wycombe. I understand people were turning out at a rate of about 10 per […]

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