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Polling is in progress today across the country. In Wycombe, we have elections for Bucks County Council and a by-election for Disraeli ward of Wycombe District Council.

The BFP reports that our Town Crier has made a final appeal for people to vote. So far, turnout appears to be consistent with precedent for local elections: rather low.

My wife and I voted this morning in West Wycombe. I understand people were turning out at a rate of about 10 per hour. Given that the Bucks County Council budget is about £326.8 million, I hope turnout improves throughout the day.

Results will be availabe here tomorrow. I’ll be writing more in the context of the results.


  1. Steve Surges

    Hello. I was wondering in light of the local elections and given the surge in popularity of UKIP,at the expense of the main stream political parties,your views on David Davises piece in the Telegraph. I refer to having less “Old Etonians”as advisors etc. Regards Steve