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EU to act over UK budget deficit

At once dreadful and magnificent. Dreadful that we are in this mess, particularly after so many years of listening to talk of prudence. Magnificent in its illustration of how our great country is now subject to foreign powers. What a pity we are not having a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty this week. read more | digg story

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Free enterprise in Europe hangs on Ireland’s EU vote

Europe now hangs on the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, “the treaty to end all EU treaties”. The text strikes the words “free and undistorted competition” from the core objectives of the Union. Corporatist aims will enjoy a higher legal status at the European Court (ECJ) and must prevail if the two clash. The Rhineland Model has locked in a permanent advantage. Who could claim this Treaty is democratic? Its handling has been characterised by sophistry and deception: it […]

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Rural France and the EU food police

I listened this morning to a Today Programme podcast concerning rural France. An Englishman resident in Normandy was explaining how the villagers scurry around protecting themselves from the “EU gestapo”. To avoid the condemnation of much that is sold to the satisfaction of all concerned, the villagers monitor the train station, watch car numberplates and keep an eye out for strangers. They have to hide cheeses and chickens when these over-eager busybodies emerge. This episode probably speaks for itself.

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Frederick Forsyth: “EU made by deceit and lies”

Happened to pick up a Daily Express today and found this article by Frederick Forsyth: …consider these words: “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.” Who wrote those words in his private musings? Some EU-sceptic, surely? No, it was Jean Monnet, founder of the EU. What he was gleefully […]

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Hang on a minute…

First, the Conservatives propose a tax on “problem drinks” and are told EU rules won’t allow it. Now the Lib Dems propose a cut in VAT on juices to be paid for by extra tax on “some alcoholic drinks”. I’m now looking forward to a stream of useful policy ideas which conflict with EU laws…

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Barroso: The first non-imperial empire

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Constitutions and democracy

Mark Mardell points out that the French are changing their constitution to avoid a referendum: The French politicians from both houses were meeting to change the constitution so they could go ahead with the adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon. I do wonder at the imperative among Europe’s political elite that makes them behave in this manner. If they are so sure their electorates would say “no” to this messy constitution, surely the only democratic response is to take a […]

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The Lisbon Treaty could be derailed? Boo hoo.

After a “period of reflection”, the best the EU could manage was to make a dreadful constitution harder to read in the hope of deceitfully sidestepping referenda. Who do they think we are? What’s the goal? What about making the EU democratic? Let’s get this mess reformed. Derailing the Lisbon Treaty is the first step. read more | digg story

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