Having been used for little but mass storage and updating my Road Angel via VMWare, my Workstation was in need of TLC.

I consolidated my Windows programs onto Parallels on the Mac, disposing of VMWare and Beth’s old Celeron (!) sloth. Impressively, both the Road Angel and Garmin GPS just worked via USB to Parallels.

Replaced White Box Enterprise Linux with CentOS, another reroll of RHEL. Straightforward enough, if time consuming, downloading ISOs, burning, validating, backing up, blah, blah. Chose SE Linux, and now restoring my server processes.

A nice feature was the partitioning tool, which trivially allowed me to keep my old partitioning scheme, transferring my home and backup partitions unmolested. Always glad not to need the tapes.

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  1. I turned off SE Linux: too much trouble on a local network …