Three jumps today before the wind was out of limits for me: that was plenty coupled with the groundschool, but I would have accepted more…

EB sunrise

First was a repeat rear float exit, and I got it right this time, followed by more exercises on body position and forward movement. Second was centre float, setting the timing, and I was nervous, maybe because I was in charge… and I presented badly to the air, flopping onto my back. Easily fixed though 😀 Did some good manouevres in the vertical axis while maintaining separation from the coach.

Third was a better centre float, followed by docking, up and forward plus down and forward. All went well: leg turns tomorrow.

And, for Mum, my altitude awareness was excellent today.

All these were on an Equinox 209, which was lively and great fun. Managed one perfect landing.

So, the hotel is quite pleasant:

Hotel Castell Blanc

But I should eat out tonight.

Hoping for four or five jumps tomorrow 😀

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  1. Had the compulsory paella: it was big.

    Empuria Brava is full of yacht showrooms, canals and Germans.