Today Premier Bikes unveiled the fabulous new RC8: a good day to be in for a service.

The RC8 is simply gorgeous. The crowd seemed divided, with some girlfriends expressing a preference for something perhaps less orange and expensive. I want to build a reinforced shelf in the lounge…


The team were kind enough to offer a 990 Superduke demonstration while I waited:


A tremendous piece of kit: super light and small, yet spacious enough for my 6 foot form. It’s rather like sitting on a 125 while opening the throttle on a rocket sled. As a toy on road and track, superb; as a commuter, I’ll stick with the Supermoto and its rather dull but practical top box. For long distances with luggage in all weathers, the K1200S still has the edge. We’re spoiled for choice.

And there was even something for the kids:


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