A new campaign from Tim Montgomerie of conservativehome:

The BNP wants to define itself – as a patriotic party concerned about jobs and housing.  I’ve written for The Telegraph today arguing that we must not let that happen and we need to focus on the BNP’s core belief – its desire to build an all white Britain.

via There is nothing British about the BNP – thetorydiary.

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  1. What sickens me most about these creeps is that their website and campaign literature are currently slathered in pictures of Winston Churchill and Battle of Britain imagery.

    The Socialist Worker provides this photo of John Tyndall, founder of the BNP, in Nazi regalia:-


    Here’s a biography mentioning his far-right paramilitary links in the Guardian:-


    Here’s a full obituary in the Independent mentioning his Nazi links:-


    Simillar (explicitly anti-semitic) views are expressed by Nick Griffin in his 1997 pamphlet ‘Who are the Mind Benders’


    It is also mentioned by the BBC, here:-


    On top of all their other horrors, what an insult to the men, women and children who died standing against fascism for this country.