Motorcycle Action Group
“The heart & soul of biking.”

Following a number of private meetings across the Wycombe constituency yesterday, from Fingest to the town centre, I had the pleasure of meeting Wycombe Motorcycle Action Group.

From MAG’s about page:

The Motorcycle Action Group, (MAG), is a voluntary organisation, drawing membership from across the whole spectrum of motorcycling.

Whatever you ride MAG has something for you!

MAG was born out of protest against legislation, introduced in 1973, making it compulsory to wear a crash helmet.

Since then MAG has evolved from a single issue group to a highly respected political lobbying and campaigns group which is central to all aspects of policy and legislation affecting motorcycling.

We covered a wide range of motorcycling and other issues (inevitably, MPs’ expenses!) but the overwhelming themes I perceived were that MAG campaigns for freedom and responsibility and that MAG members have, on the whole, well thought through and logically consistent views which go to the heart of what it means to live in a free society.

I believe we agreed, amongst other things, that:

  • Wearing a helmet and protective clothing is a very good idea and that we would not wish to emulate the gentleman I saw in Greece riding a scooter in nothing but Speedos and flip-flops.
  • Responsible motorcyclists obey the law and make sensible decisions about speed.
  • Excessive vehicle noise, whether from motorcycles or cars, is a counterproductive intrusion on people’s right to quiet enjoyment.

It was a delight to spend the evening discussing how to live free and responsible lives. I am reminded of a quote attributed to Rose Wilder Lane:

Freedom means self-control; no more, no less.

I am glad to write that I have joined MAG.

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