N.B. Tim Hewish is my Parliamentary Researcher. I asked him to comment on Ed Miliband’s conference speech.

I have just listened to Ed Miliband’s first official speech as leader of the Labour Party.

I am struck by the attempted hoodwink he is trying to pull. He talks about the optimism of the Labour Party:

The optimism of Tony and Gordon who took on the established thinking and reshaped our country…We are the optimists in politics today…We are the optimists and together we will change Britain.

He should not dupe voters in this way. We have had 13 years of the New Labour dystopia – promising the world yet delivering nothing except broken promises. The scars of Labour’s failure are still deep in the consciousness of the electorate. It is foolish to campaign on such a footing. We neither forget so quickly nor that easily.

As with all socialists, he is trying to rewrite history and pass the blame. By trying to fashion another utopian dream so soon after the last unsuccessful attempt; he is in fact not forging an optimistic position from the ashes of New Labour, rather he is producing yet another forgery.