I heard this evening from Francis Maude on the work of the Cabinet Office and in particular on the support that has been received from civil servants frustrated after years of sclerotic Labour misgovernment.

It appears that asking civil servants for suggestions has released a tidal wave of innovative ideas that were suppressed by a Labour government which spent with utter neglect for value for money. It bodes well for public sector mutuality

In the meantime, I have signed up to the excellent Jesse Norman MP‘s Conservative Co-operative Movement. Provided they are run to make a surplus, enabling financial sustainability, and provided they are allowed to fail when they are badly managed, I expect I shall be a keen supporter of the concept.

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  1. A civil servant that is liberating himself by moving to the private sector from next week likes your views and the Cobden Centre’s aims. He will be putting stevebaker.info on his blogroll, as he still struggles to make sense of twitter.