The EU Bill in committee vs human flourishing

We seem to be spending an excessive amount of time debating Labour’s rather tedious amendment to the EU Bill (Clause 1, Amendment 85). It would introduce a European Union Referendum Committee.

I should think it will be safely defeated but it is a pity that we will not reach Peter Bone’s amendment to require an in/out referendum after a referendum result refusing a transfer of powers to the EU. At least, it seems we will not reach it today…

Stepping back, three things are required in relation to our present constitutional settlement:

  • To decide whether we wish to live in a failing social democracy without democratic legitimacy,
  • To create a positive alternative vision for the UK and Europe,
  • To express a preference in a referendum of the British people.

What matters is the promotion of human flourishing: to that end, I recommend the Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index. It’s my view that the EU is not on a trajectory to maintaining the European nations’ position in that index.

We should change course and the sooner the better. The present Bill is a start, but only a beginning. While I would like to see all Europe change course, there is only so much the UK can do: it’s time for an in/out EU referendum.

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  1. Jack Maturin says:

    > It would introduce a European Union Referendum Committee.

    I think I just lost the will to live.

  2. bsanchez says:

    Congratulations! You are ahead of Red Ed Apologies for off-topic.