We seem to be spending an excessive amount of time debating Labour’s rather tedious amendment to the EU Bill (Clause 1, Amendment 85). It would introduce a European Union Referendum Committee.

I should think it will be safely defeated but it is a pity that we will not reach Peter Bone’s amendment to require an in/out referendum after a referendum result refusing a transfer of powers to the EU. At least, it seems we will not reach it today…

Stepping back, three things are required in relation to our present constitutional settlement:

  • To decide whether we wish to live in a failing social democracy without democratic legitimacy,
  • To create a positive alternative vision for the UK and Europe,
  • To express a preference in a referendum of the British people.

What matters is the promotion of human flourishing: to that end, I recommend the Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index. It’s my view that the EU is not on a trajectory to maintaining the European nations’ position in that index.

We should change course and the sooner the better. The present Bill is a start, but only a beginning. While I would like to see all Europe change course, there is only so much the UK can do: it’s time for an in/out EU referendum.


  1. > It would introduce a European Union Referendum Committee.

    I think I just lost the will to live.

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