A presentation on the war of ideas and what we should do next.
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Yesterday, I gave a presentation which sets out:

  • What Conservatives have always sought to conserve – liberty against the onslaught of socialism, of state control.
  • How the war of ideas has been won by the statists over the course of a century, leading to our present crisis.
  • What the Coalition is doing – raising taxes to meet increased overall spending.
  • Why even that hurts so much – over half of Government spending is essentially fixed in the short term, amplifying the effect on the rest.
  • The three key taxes – income tax, national insurance and VAT.
  • How the US rescue package made unemployment worse.
  • How the Coalition is giving power away and enabling people to cut through bureaucracy.
  • The shifting centre ground, the consistent values of the Conservative Party and how we need to change the terms of the debate.

We went on to discuss what Conservatives can and should do now to reshape our country and make gains in this long-running battle against the rise of the state.

The slides are available here. I have added some additional slides on debt, debasement, monetary factors and the spectrum of ideas.

In connection, I can thoroughly recommend browsing the Conservative Poster Archive: from 1909:

POSTER 1909/10-14
CPA poster 1909/10-14


  1. Kenneth Bolton

    The only way to save England is to get out of the EUSSR. It is having a stranglehold effect on our economy and is preventing us from moving forward. If you don’t do this, we will be like Germany under Hitler’s Nazi Party.