Via The Hindu, we find an Indian reaction to this afternoon’s debate, which I shall lead:

Britain’s strong Kashmir lobby, represented by MPs with large constituents of Pakistani origin from Mirpur, has seized on an Amnesty International report on alleged human rights violations in Kashmir to seek the British government’s intervention prompting a full-scale debate in the House of Commons on Thursday.

The debate, called by Conservative MP Steve Baker, has raised eyebrows in Indian diplomatic circles. While there was no official comment, India was reported to have conveyed its unhappiness to the MPs and the Foreign Office describing the move as “not very unhelpful” in advancing India-U.K. relations.

The Foreign Office said it had nothing to do with the debate. It was entirely the business of Parliament, which was free to discuss anything.

I wasn’t aware of being “forced” however. Colleagues and I gladly sought this debate, which is of exquisite concern to thousands of our constituents.

I look forward to the debate.


  1. All the best for this noble cause.

  2. Will you also be starting a debate about how Pakistan is funding training and harboring the very people our troops are fighting in Afghanistan? And asking why the British taxpayer is funding the Pakistani government via the “Aid” program when the Pakistani government is seeming acting in such a deceitful way?

  3. I hope the “large constituents of Pakistani origin” have been duly reprimanded by our Nanny State for their rotundity.

  4. Kashmir trouble has caused thnic cleansing of 500,000 Kashmiri Pandits all in the name of establishing “Nizame-Mustafa” in Kashmir.

    Surprising that British MPs are pleading the cause of regressive and intolearnt religious zealots who are turning the world towards mediveal darkages and ignorance such as the one Arabia was beseeched with.