“There’s no, on my part, no bad blood, no rancour, no bitterness. These are valued Conservative colleagues, I understand why people feel strongly and we will go forward together and tackle the difficult decisions the country faces.”

via BBC News – EU referendum: Cameron says no bad blood towards rebels.

The debate is available here. I voted for the motion, in line with my pledges. I now look forward to continuing my support for the Government.


  1. As a voter born and bred in Wycombe, it was very disappointing to read my MP voting for an EU referendum. This from the town where Ray Whitney had a long and proud tradition in working CONSTRUCTIVELY with our European partners. I cannot understand this isolationist let’s go it alone mentality in the modern World. A referendum would also have come at a terrible time, when we should be helping to stabilise things in Europe, which is our major export market. What would this do for inward investment?

    Talk of trying to emulate Norway is quite ridiculous for a country with the size and history of Britain. And although I agree that some of the social legislation from the EU is unnecessary, lets recognise the great benefits for those travelling in Europe (and who doesn’t nowadays). I for one am grateful for the reciprocal agreements on medical and hospital treatment.

    Whatever our M.P.’s achievements on behalf of local health care, I’m afraid he’s dropped in my estimations, as if he and others had succeeded, Britain really would be becoming an irrelevant sideshow.