Via Hansard:

Q9. [93975] Steve Baker (Wycombe) (Con): On Monday I visited the offices of the Bucks Free Press to hear what my constituents have been saying about proposed changes to health services at Wycombe hospital. I can tell the Prime Minister that Labour’s tragic legacy in my constituency is distrust and despair. Does he agree with me that the right way to deliver local accountability in health care in our constituencies is clinical commissioning and foundation trust status?

The Prime Minister: I think my hon. Friend is entirely right. The whole point of the reforms is to put the power in the hands of local doctors, so that they make decisions on behalf of patients and based on what is good for health care in their local area. We may well find that the community hospitals that were repeatedly undermined by Labour will actually get a great boost, because local people and local doctors want to see them succeed. That is what our reforms are all about.


  1. The whole point of the reforms is to put the power in the hands of local doctors,…. So, the whole point of these reforms is not to put the power in the hands of patients then? Prat.

  2. When I read your transcript of the question and response I was so disappointed. The biggest criticism people have had about the so called consultations run last year was the closed and leading questions asked. The NHS bosses got the replies that they were looking for.
    So what do you do? You ask a closed and leading question!
    I know how PMQs works. I listen to it most weeks and it drives me insane. No better than kids in a playground. Lots of noise and achieves nothing.
    It’s a shame that you are playing their game. I thought you were better than that.

    • I am well aware of these criticisms of consultations, which I share. Nevertheless, this is the first one which has taken place during my time as MP and I intend to give it a fair chance.

      One of the biggest flaws in these consultations is that hardly any members of the public attend. I very much hope that people will attend in sufficient numbers that concerns are heard unmistakably.

      I am proud to have raised our hospital with the Prime Minister, despite an atmosphere of shameless politicking from the other side.