Via France election: Germany rules out reworking EU’s ‘fiskalpakt’ – Telegraph.

Mr Hollande has called for a shift in strategy toward more growth-oriented measures including more public spending.

But Mr Seibert said Angela Merkel would not accept “deficit spending” to feed economic expansion, and believed in “growth through structural reforms” such as reducing the cost of job creation as pursued by Germany over the last decade.

I feel sure Mr Hollande’s socialist ideas are dangerously daft but if he cannot govern his own country according to the will of his electorate (however marginally expressed), it does beg the questions of who governs whom and whether there is any point having elections in the Eurozone or the EU.

Dangerous games our masters are playing.

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  1. Not so dangerous as there is no one to stand up to europe in our government so they can do just as they like as they have since we were misguided enough to join what has historicaly always been a bunch of loosers