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The EU: who governs whom?

Via France election: Germany rules out reworking EU’s ‘fiskalpakt’ – Telegraph. Mr Hollande has called for a shift in strategy toward more growth-oriented measures including more public spending. But Mr Seibert said Angela Merkel would not accept “deficit spending” to feed economic expansion, and believed in “growth through structural reforms” such as reducing the cost of job creation as pursued by Germany over the last decade. I feel sure Mr Hollande’s socialist ideas are dangerously daft but if he cannot govern […]

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French péages — marvelous

The lightest traffic and a speed limit just over 80 mph: brisk and pleasant.

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Work more, earn more — invest-in-france.org

Inspired by an advert in the Economist, I found this from invest-in-france.org: New French labour regulations have been brought in and provide incentives to work more and earn more. Companies can raise the number of hours worked by management staff or independent salaried employees from 218 days to 235 days (and even up to 282 working days if there is collective agreement for working on Saturdays). Also, since October 2007, employees benefit from exemptions on tax and social security contributions […]

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Weekend near Avignon

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Spent the weekend relaxing near Avignon. The Palais des Papes provided a photo opportunity:

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Rural France and the EU food police

I listened this morning to a Today Programme podcast concerning rural France. An Englishman resident in Normandy was explaining how the villagers scurry around protecting themselves from the “EU gestapo”. To avoid the condemnation of much that is sold to the satisfaction of all concerned, the villagers monitor the train station, watch car numberplates and keep an eye out for strangers. They have to hide cheeses and chickens when these over-eager busybodies emerge. This episode probably speaks for itself.

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Next time I have a month…

I intend to ride the Route Napoleon, then explore the south of France and into the Alps. Coming with me?

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