Tomorrow in Parliament, I’m hosting a meeting with Dave Fishwick and MPs to discuss his struggle to start a local, responsible bank in touch with its savers and borrowers. The Channel 4 documentary is here and this Russia Today video gives an overview:

The FSA have declined to attend but I’m hoping that MPs hearing from Dave will redouble efforts to persuade the Government to lower barriers to entry in banking.

If you would like to ask your MP to attend, the meeting is in Committee Room 16 at 14:00.

One Comment

  1. Damn’. Missed it. You may have heard from Mr Fishwick on how nigh on impossible it is to deal with the Failed FSA’s appalling and arrogant apparatchiks in trying to start a financial business, but I can tell you it’s even worse dealing with them when you are already trading, when they have the power to arbitrarily dispossess your property and rights on a whim. The Failed FSA is a constitutionally corrupt and institutionally ignorant.

    And how dare they decline to attend your meeting. It is not for a grubby little functionary to decline the summons of the representatives of the people.