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Beth and I had the opportunity for an early walk this morning from West Wycombe to Lane End. The Chilterns were stunning, but we were reminded how intrusive M40 noise can be. This video gives an indication.

The M40 Chiltern Environmental Group represent residents on this issue. The M40 emerged from our bypass so, unfortunately, it runs too close to too many homes.

I’m reminded to pick the issue up once again and that, with this experience, it’s no wonder people worry about noise from HS2.



  1. You can not compare the noise of the M40 which is continuous with HS2
    Why don’t you go to HS1 where you will have to wait some time to hear a train

  2. Boldfield is correct …… if noise from Rail was such an issue, how come Dr Wellings at the rail2020 inquiry of which you are a part is advocating a change in the planning laws that force developers into corridors around railway stations?.