A further Parliamentary question on pay in the NHS locally. Compared to my previous question, 28 people earning over £50k are missing – I should have included “other” in the question. I’ll return to this subject later:

Steve Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many (a) clinical, (b) managerial and (c) clerical NHS staff in Buckinghamshire were paid more than (i) £50,000, (ii) £65,738 and (iii) £100,000 in the last year for which figures are available. [144277]

Dr Poulter: The numbers of (a) clinical, (b) managerial and (c) clerical NHS staff in Buckinghamshire Primary Care Trust and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust paid more than (i) £50,000, (ii) £65,738 and (iii) £100,000 in 2011-12 are given in the following table:

Salary Clinical Managerial Clerical All staff
More than £50,000 385 71 4 460
Of which:
More than £65,738 261 41 0 302
More than £100,000 130 9 0 139

These estimates are inclusive, ie staff counted as being paid more than £100,000 are also counted as being paid more than £65,738 and £50,000.

These estimates are based on unvalidated data as recorded in the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) Data Warehouse.

Information provided by the ESR Data Warehouse is a monthly snapshot of the live ESR system. ESR is the Human Resources and Payroll system used by most NHS employers. Retrospective changes made locally to the ESR live system may mean that figures drawn from the ESR Data Warehouse may differ from those based on an earlier snapshot.

Organisations which do not use ESR include social enterprises and local authorities that employ staff following a transfer from the NHS and general practices.

The data have not been annualised. They include only those payments related to earnings as the ESR Data Warehouse does not record payments relating to expenses.

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  1. Id be interested to know just how many of those 71 managerial staff were actually ex clinical/frontline people….