Cooperatives-word-graphicAfter the debate on Co-operatives in Education that I called last month, I have been made aware of Resolute Education Co-operative Ltd (RECOOP).

It provides four key services for schools:

  1. Emergency cover when a teacher is absent
  2. Cover for planned teacher absences
  3. Placement of Instructors
  4. Recruitment of full time teachers and instructors

RECOOP offers low fees and savings for many schools in the region of thousands of pounds, while teaching members receive equitable pay for their services.

It is a multi-stakeholder co-op consisting of a partnership between member schools, and the member teachers and instructors. All members of RECOOP have the right to determine how any surplus is used, including as a dividend to members: this can equal or exceed the membership fees.

For teaching members, RECOOP offers:

  1. Pay of £147 net a day;
  2. Pays Instructors: £20 per hour minus £3 booking fee;
  3. Provides the confidential Directory of School Members; and
  4. Provides DBS checks if needed, but in-date DBS checks are portable

As I said in the debate:

Principles of co-operation entrench liberty and civil society. They produce self-esteem, confidence and resilience. They are evidently popular with the public. The Government should now move heaven and earth to liberate the co-operative spirit in education.

For more information on the RECOOP please contact Elizabeth Matthews, Director, on 07986446499 or

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