ZacToday, I was a teller for Zac Goldsmith’s Private Member’s Bill making provision for a recall system so voters can oust underperforming MPs between general elections.

Two much-neglected institutions that uphold our liberty and prosperity are Parliamentary democracy and the rule of law. With abuses of democracy like the Lisbon Treaty in mind, I entered the House of Commons in 2010 with the aim of contributing to the recovery of our Parliamentary system.

A robust recall mechanism is integral to the reforms we need if the public are to begin having trust in Parliament. Such a system must function as a mechanism of genuine democratic recall while not being open to abuse.

Mr. Goldsmith’s Bill would achieve proper accountability: I was delighted to give my support today. You can read more about the Bill here.


  1. Now that is not a bad idea at all……just a quick point though, what happens if the by election results in a candidate from a different party gets voted in, and then that results in a swing from a hung parliament to one with one party having overall control? Unlikely I know, but thought I would ask…

  2. I find it very refreshing that you support a bill that will open MP’s to constituency accountability refreshing and brave,
    Well done and thank you