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Locally and nationally, opposition politicians are attempting to discredit the Government’s record by claiming new jobs are zero-hours and low-skilled.

Here is what Iain Duncan Smith said in the Commons on 11 Feb 2015:

Let me now deal with the suggestion that these people are moving into part-time, low-quality work. That is not true. The Opposition constantly harp on about a figure that has no basis in fact, so let me give the facts. Full-time employment is up by over 1.3 million since 2010—over 80% of the rise in employment in the past year alone. Permanent employees are up by 1 million since 2010—nearly 80% of all people in work. Three quarters of those in employment since 2010 have come from managerial, professional or associate professional jobs. The Opposition constantly put about the nonsense that there are nothing but zero-hour, no-value, low-skilled jobs, but that is simply not true.


  1. I work for Jobcentre Plus. This article is a complete work of fiction. 0 hours contracts, fake apprenticeships, fake self employment schemes and Workfare have all hidden the real unemployment situation. Outrageous that public are lied to like this.

  2. Over a million jobs created. However, well in excess of one million immigrants looking for work. Fine by me, since I am one of them, but not exactly the quality jobs creation bonanza you’re trying to imply.