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It is increasingly clear that the EU isn’t working for its members.

Much has been claimed about the importance of the EU for creating and preserving jobs in the UK. Unemployment in the UK is currently at 5 percent, compared with the EU’s 8.9 percent and the Eurozone’s 10.3 percent. The EU is not working.

With a youth unemployment rate of 19.4 percent compared with the UK’s 13.6 percent, the EU is particularly failing its young citizens, especially those in southern countries:

Youth unemployment

[Source: Eurostat]

Every continent apart from Antarctica has seen more economic growth than the EU since the crash.

Political radicalization, poor handling of the migrant crisis, large-scale bail outs, high youth unemployment and accelerating QE – money creation – by the European Central Bank show that the EU isn’t fit for purpose.

Let’s leave, stop holding back the EU from integrating and have a new relationship of trade and cooperation.

For the change we need, vote to Leave on 23rd June.

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