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EU citizenship gives the right to live and work anywhere in the EU on the same basis as the citizens of each member state. Every citizen of each member state is also an EU citizen.

Within the EU, we are forbidden from controlling migration from the EU. Meanwhile, local people’s families outside the EU often face harsh barriers just to visit.

In the ten years to 2024, the UK’s population is projected to grow by 440,000 per year – roughly a city the size of Liverpool every year. This is the fastest rate in nearly a century. This causes a strain on public services, housing and communities.

Our NHS is of maximum importance to all who use it. The majority of non-UK doctors in our health service are from outside the EU. Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust recruits nurses from the Philippines. If we leave, we can still ensure UK patients are treated by staff from across the globe as necessary.

Let’s leave and have fair, controlled immigration which works on the basis of UK citizenship and stops future discrimination in favour of EU citizens.

For the change we need, vote to Leave on 23rd June.

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