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The world faces big problems and the EU cannot cope.

We love Europe but we don’t need to accept the supremacy of EU law to enjoy friendship and cooperation. Non-EU arrangements like NATO and the “Five Eyes” intelligence sharing network with the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand do not require us to subordinate UK law.

Outside the EU, the UK can regain power and influence in international organisations like the World Trade Organisation. Business for Britain’s Change or Go report examined 18 policy areas, explaining for each how the UK would gain influence outside the EU.

Forty years ago, we weren’t asked if we wanted to be members of a political union, with public policy based on a common European citizenship and a clear destination of federation. Since then, the EU has integrated a great deal, with more money and control flowing to the EU year after year not just through treaties but through legislation and court judgements too.

As the Prime Minister’s former special advisor, Steve Hilton, has said:

Membership of the EU makes Britain literally ungovernable, in the sense that no administration elected by the people can govern the country.

We might not have another say on our relationship with the European Union. Now is the chance to seize the opportunity for a better UK through independence and self-government.

For the change we need, please vote Leave on 23 June.

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