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We will soon choose together what kind of government will best promote our common good. There are risks on both sides of the question on the ballot paper. 

In a world of unexpected events, trial and error, we need institutions of government which are agile and accountable to the public. Our parliamentary democracy has evolved over centuries to provide both.

Today, the European Union sits above our Parliament and our law. It is failing. High youth unemployment, extraordinary monetary policy and the migration crisis blight the EU. 

Yet the EU’s solution is to grow larger, to add tens of millions of people to the EU’s zone of common citizenship and free movement. And we are paying nearly £2 billion for it.

We must ask what kind of government is worth fighting for, preserving, improving and handing on to the next generation. I am confident democratic self-government is the best gift we can give. It is what compels politicians to do what is right for you, the voter.

Let’s leave a system of government which even its advocates say is failing. Let’s take back control and begin the process of renewing our country. 

For the change we need, vote to Leave on 23rd June.

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