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Click for BBC News results

In the EU referendum, Wycombe District voted 48-52 for Remain. Across Buckinghamshire, every counting area voted the other way to the principal MP in that area: Aylesbury, Chiltern, South Bucks.

Obviously, I was disappointed but I was also surprised: when campaigning in the Parliamentary constituency, we found voters were overwhelmingly for Leave.

I have now looked at the results in detail for an explanation.

First, via the BBC, I see most of the Thames Valley voted Remain, in contrast to most of the rest of England and Wales.

Second, we have results for Wycombe District but not Wycombe Parliamentary constituency.

Wycombe District is much larger than the constituency, including as it does parts of the Buckingham, Aylesbury, and Beaconsfield constituencies. OS Election Maps provides a view (pink line for District, black for constituencies):

Mapping from Ordnance Survey Election Maps
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The finest level of detail available from the count mixes together results from across the Parliamentary constituency boundaries. As a consequence, it is impossible to say how the electors of Wycombe constituency voted in the referendum.

We do know turnout in some detail. Oakridge and Castlefield, Bowerdean and Disraeli, represented by Labour District councillors, had some of the lowest turnouts in the constituency.

The electors of the UK have decided to leave the European Union. I believe this is a great opportunity to renew our country. I will now work to that end with buoyancy and hope, in service to everyone in the constituency and conscious that many fears were stoked during the campaign which must now be allayed.


  1. Frank Burton

    Well done Steve disappointed for Bucks but happy the wider UK took the right decision

  2. Barnaby Booth

    Either way you split the boundary you still do not represent the will of your constituents. Maybe it is time you took a leaf from your party leaders book and stepped down

  3. Norma Meyrick

    Congratulations on the Leave vote. I too was surprised that Bucks voted for Remain as I have not met a single Remain voter. Now we have the uncertainly after David Cameron resigned (shameful). It would appear that Parliament is now dragging its feet and proposing different scenarios with the EU – this is not what the majority of people voted for – most people I have spoken to wanted a complete break with the EU organisation and for us to be able to trade with the rest of the world, make our own laws, and have control of our borders.

  4. Andrea Plumridge

    Mr Baker – why quibble over delineations if constituencies when there are much more fundamental issues to be dealt with? How about reassuring the ‘other side’ (quite a large group in Wycombe, as per above), and people like me who are European nationals and concerned about our future – after 17 years of contributing to this country’s business and society, in my case. My family and I – British/German – have certainly lost a lot of ‘buoyancy’. We want to be positive but have deep concerns over a non-EU future and also what the outcome of the referendum has brought out in society.

  5. Darren Adkins

    The £10.6B we won’t now have to pay the EU becomes available (at whatever rate the Pound is currently valued) for reinvestment to infrastructure. Wycombe is an important hub and needs Accident & Emergency reinstated to service the burgeoning pedestrian student population. Wycombe Hospital is far more strategically placed to be an NHS flagship location, than an afterthought. Please make this a campaign priority.…/sponso…/kvlR2bef37ZPbQ7BkrA

  6. chris chilton

    Are you supportive of spending the entire £350MM per week which will be saved after leaving the EU on the NHS?

  7. Marilyn Adams

    Maybe since you set such store by the referendum results showing the will of the people, you will hopefully feel honor bound to respect how the majority of your constituents voted, regardless of your own personal preferences, and do all in your power to halt Brexit. This is what the majority of people that voted for you want. I understand that parliament will be asked to vote before article 50 can be invoked. Your conscience, if you really do mean to represent the people of this constituency should only allow you to vote AGAINST any motion towards Brexit.

  8. I see it’s starting to fall apart with Vodafone and Easyjet talking of relocation. The LSE merger looking doubtful as it won’t be UK located. Some of the international banks are talking of job losses. Meanwhile, the fraud perpetrated on the voters who think they can save all that money and spend it on the NHS. Who were told we’d reduce immigration before the vote but told that was not the case after. It really is a disgraceful performance.