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David Cameron was allowed no meaningful change when he went to Europe to renegotiate Britain’s deal with the EU. This is our opportunity to decide if we want to remain in the EU on the basis of the Lisbon Treaty, which the Conservative Party under David Cameron opposed.

The EU has a flag, anthem, parliament, civil service, executive, supreme court, currency and overseas embassies. These are all characteristics of a modern day country. This is our chance to accept or reject EU citizenship and all that goes with it.

European politicians, the most powerful of whom are unelected, have their own problems to solve and they must serve the conflicting interests among member states.

The UK therefore may be and is subject to laws and regulations which may not be suitable for the UK and which we cannot reject. These may be profoundly damaging to issues of strategic importance: the coming Ports Services Regulation is just one example.

In February, the Prime Minister returned from Brussels with a modest renegotiation deal. The deal saved the UK no money and recovered no powers to the UK Parliament.  The EU has all the powers after the deal that it had before the deal.

Denmark had a similar deal: it has since been broken 80 times by the European Court. Leaving the EU is the only way we can ensure that our relationships with other countries and institutions are under our control and subject to review or termination by our accountable government.

For the change we need, please vote Leave on 23 June.

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