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According to the House of Commons Library, between 2010 and 2013, the average proportion of EU-based UK law and regulation was 59%. They write:

The average over these four years was higher, at 59%. But even this calculation does not take account of UK primary legislation or EU ‘soft law’ such as statements, recommendations, guidelines, declarations, special reports etc, which may be implemented equally ‘softly’ in the UK.

About twice as many people vote in UK general elections as in European Parliament elections. Turnout at the 2015 General Election was 66.1% and at the last European Parliament election, 35.6%. Across Europe, turnout has fallen steadily. In the UK, turnout has never been over 40%.

Via UKPolitical.info:

European Parliament election turnout 1979 – 2014 via UKPolitical.info
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The UK House of Commons and Government are accountable in a way that the European Union institutions are not but EU law is supreme over UK law if we remain.

Let’s leave and have government that works effectively, elected by you and accountable to you.

For the change we need, please vote Leave on 23 June.

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