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According to the European Court of Auditors, €7 billion of the 2013 budget was misspent.

However, the EU has a very loose definition of the word ‘misspent’, Here are a few examples of projects judged to be money well spent:

  • €500,000 paid to two fishermen to scrap their boat in the interests of reducing overfishing. That cleared their debts and paid for a new, smaller boat in which they continued fishing.
  • €2.5 million to support an Austrian nomadic contemporary dance troupe.
  • £6.3m on a blogging donkey toencourage people to think about the similarities and differences of “European identities”.
  • €666 million of EU money at 20 ghost airports in Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Let’s leave and stop wasting your money on the EU’s priorities.

For the change we need, vote to Leave on 23rd June.







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