1. Wow, congratulations to the British people and to you Steve.

    • Dr Venetia Nye

      Wycombe voted to Remain, we didn’t support Steve Baker’s campaign, not that he asked our views, as he was too busy nurturing his own agenda and ambitions. Will will expect him to keep the leave camp’s promise about £350/week more for the NHS, for a start.

  2. Steve – can you suggest 1 piece of EU regulation which we should now repeal after this vote….I would like to know what we have actually voted for.

    • Should you have thought about that before you voted? What would you like to start, workers’ rights perhaps?

      You have ‘actually voted’ to destroy the economy, as you were warned, based on lies from the Leave campaign, which will result in severe difficulties for the NHS and young people, among many others.

      Wycombe voted to Remain, so this result is not representative of our views.

      • I actually voted to ” Remain ” – the “we” i was referring to was the electorate.

        • Dr Venetia Nye

          Apologies, I thought ‘we’ meant you, it certainly doesn’t mean me!

      • “(The EU produces) a myriad of rules and regulations that benefit large crony capitalist firms at the expense of small and medium sized enterprises that do not have the resources to jump through every EU hoop that is necessary to bring a product to market” F Hollenbeck.
        I know which regs to repeal, how about all of them?

  3. Dr Venetia Nye

    Can you please explain why you failed to represent our views and wishes, and instead pursued your own agenda and ambitions?

    From the Bucks Free Press today:
    In a surprise twist, south Bucks MPs have had a bad night in their constituencies, with all three districts voting against their elected MP.
    Wycombe voted to Remain, despite Wycombe MP Steve Baker campaigning to Leave
    South Bucks voted to Leave, despite Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve campaigning to Remain
    Chiltern district voted to Remain, despite Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan campaigning to Leave
    Not a great vote of confidence in our MPs!

    • Venetia….surely that was the point of a referendum?

      • So do you suppose Steve Baker will now take steps to represent the expressed views of Wycombe? Or just pursue his own agenda and ambitions?

        • Well if your MP is not representing the expressed views of constituents, surely you can vote him or her out anyway? Isnt that democracy in action??. This referendum was an open vote to anyone regardless of political persuasion.

  4. Dear Steve, what is your post-Brexit message to the constituents of Wycombe? Can you please speak to the Remainers first who are the majority in Wycombe and then your message to those who supported your view? Many thanks.