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Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust announced earlier this week a temporary transfer of service for women planning to give birth at Wycombe Birth Centre until the end of November. It is a result of an unanticipated number of midwife vacancies across maternity services.

This is obviously extremely disappointing. The last time this happened was in 2010, as I reported here and here. Currently, about 20 mothers give birth at the unit each month, with 700 ante-natal and post-natal check-ups being carried out too.

I understand safe births could not be guaranteed given the departure of experienced staff so alternatives will be offered at Aylesbury Birth Centre, the Stoke Mandeville consultant-led unit or at home. Ante-natal and post-natal appointments will continue locally.

This is, as in 2010, a temporary suspension due to staffing and I have told the Chief Executive I want to see normal service resumed as soon as possible.

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  1. Yes I know from the birth of my latest grand daughter yesterday at Stoke Manderville how precarious this situation is to expectant mother’s, causing potential risks and stress in a 20 mile journey. What about those without means of transport or the finances to make this trip. All the above, costs of ambulances, risks of births on the journey, all point to this situation needing to be resolved quickly. We need proper and sustained investment in WYCOMBE hospital with the growing size of it’s local population.