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Just 11 days after the General Election, the EU will start Brexit negotiations with the UK. These negotiations will determine our place in the world and the basis of our prosperity for generations to come.

Theresa May is ready to lead our country through the Brexit negotiations. Jeremy Corbyn is not – he isn’t up to the job. We need to enter negotiations with our European partners with strong and stable leadership under Theresa May – not a weak government under the shambles of Jeremy Corbyn who won’t protect your economic security, who won’t reduce immigration and who won’t negotiate a deal that works for Britain.

With so much at stake at this election – with the livelihoods of our families, businesses and communities on the line – it is not worth taking a risk.

The Conservative plan to create the UK’s new place in the world is has been set out clearly. From our manifesto:

The United Kingdom is embarking upon another era in our centuries-old story. We are leaving the European Union. We want to ensure our departure is smooth and orderly and to agree a deep and special partnership with the 27 remaining member states.

In leaving the European Union, we have chosen a truly global role for Britain. To strike trade deals with old friends and new partners and take a leading position in the world to defend British interests, we must be strong and united.

This begins with our determination to defend the integrity of the United Kingdom and to strengthen the Union, bringing the peoples of the United Kingdom together.

Following the historic referendum on 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Only the Conservative Party, under Theresa May’s strong and stable leadership, can negotiate the best possible deal for our country. In her Lancaster House Speech, the prime minister laid out the twelve principles she intends to follow in seeking a new deep and special partnership with the European Union. We have explained our approach in the White Paper on the United Kingdom’s Exit from, and a new relationship with, the European Union, during the passage of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act, in the prime minister’s letter to the president of the European Council invoking Article 50, and in the Great Repeal Bill White Paper.

We want to agree a deep and special partnership with the European Union. This partnership will benefit both the European Union and the United Kingdom: while we are leaving the European Union, we are not leaving Europe, and we want to remain committed partners and allies to our friends across the continent.

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Please vote Conservative on 8 June.


  1. The pound falls at each mention of a “hard brexit”. Ex-pats are suffering significantly.

    • I noticed the pound has risen during various key announcements related to the EU but fallen when polls have indicated Labour making progress.