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It is now the Conservative Party’s policy to renegotiate our membership of the European Union before holding an in/out referendum. I campaigned hard in the 2010-15 Parliament to achieve this result and I am now glad to back my Party on this issue.

I am a signatory to The People’s Pledge for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU:

I am for free trade, peace and an international outlook but I don’t think the EU is the right route to these ideals. Although the EU seeks to suppress economic nationalism, in fact the EU has raised it to the continental scale. As I wrote on ConservativeHome about the Brussels elite:

Let’s hope their greatest achievements do not turn out to be merely raising economic nationalism to the continental level and an historic faux pas.

There is much else to say and you can find my views set out in these posts but the situation is ultimately simple: government is only valid if it enjoys the consent of the governed.

Whatever you think the answer should be, it is time for a binding in/out referendum on our membership of the EU.

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