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Featured Wycombe business: Origin

Our town’s motto is Industria Ditat – “industry enriches”. Industry in the broadest sense brings prosperity and fulfilment to our lives: it is industry which made High Wycombe great. With that in mind, I was delighted to visit Origin, an innovative and growing family firm which manufactures bi-fold doors, windows and blinds in High Wycombe for trade customers internationally. High Wycombe is a great place to live, work and do business. Please contact me on High Wycombe 448408 if you would […]

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Budget 2014 passes the business test, says BCC

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Via email, Giving his reaction to the Budget 2014, John Longworth Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said: “Business wanted a Budget that was disciplined, focused, and geared towards the creation of wealth and jobs – and that’s what the Chancellor has delivered. “With a huge confidence gap still separating employers from young job-seekers, we are very pleased to see the Chancellor heed our call to help firms take on and train tomorrow’s workforce. Overcoming that confidence […]

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The Government has exceeded its target to identify 3,000 regulations to be amended or scrapped

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Via Number 10, Supporting business: David Cameron announces new plans: In a speech to the Federation of Small Businesses, the Prime Minister will tell the audience that the government has exceeded its target to identify 3,000 regulations to be amended or scrapped. This is the first government in modern history to reduce overall domestic regulation for business while in office. 800 regulations have already been abolished or simplified – with tens of thousands of pages of red tape still to face the […]

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PovertyCure — From Aid to Enterprise

A fascinating video from PovertyCure on aid and enterprise: I particularly identified with: Having a heart for the poor isn’t hard. We have a mind for the poor. We will never reconcile all opinion about how to help the poor but there is far more unity than is generally believed over the goal: creating stronger societies through prosperity. As the video concludes, “Good intentions don’t end poverty. Enterprise and freedom end poverty.”

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For City AM: It’s time to end the cruel delusion of cheap money and reckless spending

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City A.M. asked me to comment in advance of the Autumn statement. I wrote: GEORGE Osborne will present his Autumn Statement to a country in the grip of a cruel economic delusion, perpetrated against the poor and the aspirational. Welfare states everywhere are spending chronically beyond their means while papering over the cracks with easy money. Budget 2013 forecast spending in excess of receipts of about £9bn a month. Defence, criminal justice, local government and the Foreign Office have been […]

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Bucks: The 2nd fastest growing economy in the UK

Bucks’ Local Enterprise Partnership kindly gave me an update on how Buckinghamshire people are advancing the UK’s recovery. Buckinghamshire’s private sector is driving the economy forward. Bucks delivered the 2nd fastest growing economy in the UK, we are on top for skills and we have the lowest public sector employment in the country. Astonishingly, Bucks generates a greater financial surplus to the Treasury than all the Core Cities added together. Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF) has over 3,500 members who employ […]

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What makes us prosperous? The 2013 Prosperity Index supplies a survey

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This morning, after spotting Allister Heath’s boldly optimistic article for the Telegraph, I chaired the Parliamentary launch of the 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index. It’s not enough to consider quality of life by material things alone: Gross Domestic Product neglects great swathes of factors which make life worth living. As the Legatum Institute explains: Traditionally, a nation’s prosperity has been based solely on macroeconomic indicators such as a country’s income, represented either by GDP or by average income per person (GDP […]

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Speech on the “Green Investment Bank”

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A speech in committee on the so-called Green Investment Bank, which appears to have had a greater impact than I had forseen: 4.45 pm Steve Baker (Wycombe) (Con): I fear that we are, once again, gathered together to make our constituents poorer and to promote special-interest rent seeking. I am rather surprised that we are gathered together in this Committee. My right hon. Friend the Prime Minister has pointed out that Opposition Members wish to use direct intervention in the […]

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New report: HS2 alternatives from the 51m Alliance

The 51m Alliance of nineteen local authorities opposed to HS2 (including Bucks County Council) have recently launched their ‘Alternative Investment Strategy’. It challenges the current DfT rationale of ‘capacity’ being the main reason for HS2 and proposes a comprehensive package of national investment in infrastructure to rebalance the nation’s economy. In its executive summary, 51M Alliance said: The local authorities in 51m are fully committed to investing in key infrastructure critical for the country’s future success. 51m has already set out […]

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How to make the bank say ‘yes’

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and the British Bankers’ Association have identified five steps you can take to ensure your business loan application has the greatest chance for success. 1. Develop a robust business plan – Your business plan is crucial to demonstrate the businesses financials, showing that you can repay a loan.Your plan should demonstrate you have done your homework, researched your market and competitors as well as identified clear routes to market and highlighted when you expect […]

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