Improving our Public Finances and Cutting Taxes

We must get serious about our public finances; the United Kingdom has lived beyond its means for far too long. The Government’s response to our economic circumstances has shown that it is willing to make unpopular decisions in order to bring our public finances under control. The Government Actuary’s Department […]

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House of Commons prayer card reading "Wycombe"

“What has Steve Baker ever done for Wycombe?”

It has been an honour to work for Wycombe since I was first elected in 2010 as its MP. Whether it is running around West Wycombe, seeing a performance at the Wycombe Swan Theatre, exploring our beautiful countryside, or enjoying the culinary delights that our diverse community brings, it has […]

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Prayer card in the House of Commons reading "Wycombe"

The Government is acting to tackle Islamophobia

I know the great pain that many are feeling locally for the terrible suffering of innocent people in Gaza. Alongside this pain, I know many are fearful about the conflict spilling over into hatred at home.  All crimes on the basis of religion or other identity are abhorrent and totally […]

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