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It pleases HMRC to jest

Via CentreRight: The Revenue’s power grab: what’s yours is mine first. Just as taxpayers finally lose confidence in the ability of the Revenue to calculate PAYE correctly, HMRC offers to take the matter out of our hands and present us with a fait accompli. The power grab implicit in the latest HMRC proposals – currently under consultation – to receive all salaries direct from employers, process all deductions and then hand to us what remains, should worry anyone who values freedom. […]

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A serious breach of etiquette

A serious breach of etiquette from The Prisoner: In your heads must still be the remnant of a brain! In your hearts must still be the desire to be a human being again! Shocking. I think I will just go and watch it to make sure. Further reading The Abolition of Man David Cameron, The Big Society

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bella gerens: That’s right, whip the libertarian

From bella gerens, an excellent explanation and defence of libertarianism: The truth is that advocates of freedom are found all over the political spectrum, but the only true libertarians are the ones who advocate it at all times in all circumstances, from the bedroom to the wallet – who believe that ‘freedom from’ is the only state of being consistent with the dignity and majesty of humankind. ‘Freedom from’ is the most important part of that ideology. Freedom from coercion. […]

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MI5 chief Jonathan Evans defends ‘torture intelligence’ – Times Online

Via MI5 chief Jonathan Evans defends ‘torture intelligence’ – Times Online , we learn the MI5 chief’s position on complicity with torture: The Director General of MI5 has issued a powerful defence of Britain’s co-operation with intelligence agencies in America and other countries accused of the abuse and torture of detainees, saying they had stopped “many attacks” in the aftermath of the September 11 strikes. Speaking for the first time about charges of MI5 complicity in the abuse of suspects […]

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The Conservative Party | Taxman planning room-by-room inspections of family homes

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Via The Conservative Party | News | Taxman planning room-by-room inspections of family homes: Caroline Spelman has responded to new evidence that emerged today of Gordon Brown’s secret plans for council tax hikes on family homes. A new electronic Government tax handbook, complete with audio commentary, reveals how taxmen are being trained to conduct inspections of people’s homes and tax every home improvement and room. Caroline Spelman MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, said that Labour Ministers […]

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This stupid child protection law will turn us into outlaws | Matthew Parris – Times Online

Thankfully, last night I listened to David Cameron pledge to end this counterproductive nonsense: Only two sane responses are possible to the Government’s new vetting and barring scheme for adults who volunteer to come into contact with children. One is rage, and the other despair. I incline to despair. But permit me a moment’s rage before I do. … The whole initiative is an ideal candidate for investigation by the RRAC (Risk and Responsibility Advisory Council), the nanny to nanny […]

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Doctors demand ban on all alcohol advertising – Times Online

The BMA demand a resort to force: A total ban on alcohol advertising must be introduced by the Government to halt an epidemic of problem drinking, doctors’ leaders said today. A report from the British Medical Association (BMA) has called for a sea change in the approach to alcohol regulation to halt promotions including happy hours and sponsorship of music and sports events. The move is necessary to stem the invidious ways it is promoted, particularly to young people, it […]

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Britain leads world in police state survey | The Register

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Via Britain leads world in police state survey • The Register: A recent survey from internet security consultancy, Cryptohippie, suggests that the UK is setting the pace in at least one area – though being classified as the West’s most repressive regime when it comes to electronic surveillance might not be a title that this government is entirely happy to wear. This result emerges from Cryptohippie’s recently published Electronic Police State 2008 (pdf). This is the first in what are […]

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Green: The lessons that must be learned from my arrest

Via The Conservative Party | News | The Blue Blog | The lessons that must be learned from my arrest : Arresting an opposition politician for embarrassing the Government is the sort of thing that never happens in a democracy like Britain. It never used to, anyway.

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Road speed limit cut to 50mph

THE government is to cut the national speed limit from 60mph to 50mph on most of Britain’s roads, enforced by a new generation of average speed cameras. The reduction , to be imposed as early as next year, will affect two thirds of the country’s road network. Drivers will still be able to reach 70mph on motorways and dual carriageways and 60mph on the safest A roads. via Road speed limit cut to 50mph . But the safest speed for […]

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