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NHS management pays over the odds with tax payers’ money

A recent Telegraph article reported that the NHS is paying “extortionate” prices for basic computer equipment and services. It showed that the NHS buys computer equipment at an average 28% more than wholesale prices. This is a shocking misuse of tax payers’ money and shows that the state is often unable to purchase even the smallest of items without insulting hard-working people. Its aversion to buying commodities in a free market is stark: 4GB USB flash memory stick: NHS price […]

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Motorcycling Takes Its Case To Parliament

Last week, a Motorcycle Lobby Day was held in Parliament with great success. It brought together key motorcycle organisations in a day of activities aimed at MPs and Ministers and was organised to highlight key concerns that the motorcycle world has on public policy. As Chairman of the APPG on Motorcycling it provided an opportunity not just to meet many bike enthusiasts like myself, but also provided a forum for learning and understanding more about how government, both national and […]

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Three favourites among the Government’s regulation clear out

N.B. This post is written by my Parliamentary Intern, Ralph Buckle. The Government’s Red Tape Challenge has been progressing well and more details have emerged about the 600 regulations that are already due to be scrapped or improved. They make for some interesting reading and range from the completely redundant to regulations that strike at the heart of common sense. The former category includes rules regarding the Restrictive Practices Court that are still on the statute book despite the Act […]

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HS2 consultants’ services have already cost over £25 million

Last month, I put down a written Parliamentary Question to the Secretary of State for Transport, asking for the remit and cost of the consultants involved in the High Speed Two project. You can read my question and the answer in Hansard here and the text is below. As you can see, these costs have already run to over £25 million… Steve Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport which consultants are being or have been used on the High […]

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Wycombe Hospital consultation meetings

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A crucial public consultation on the future of Wycombe Hospital began on 16 January. It is being run by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs Wycombe Hospital. This is our chance to have our say on proposals to change how NHS services are provided in High Wycombe. The exercise runs until 16 April and there are consultation meetings scheduled throughout the area every week in February. I urge everyone who cares about the future of our hospital to take part. Click here for an explanation of the […]

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Did I have a Freudian slip when asking about the EU at PMQs?

In the Daily Mail, Quentin Letts reports that I called for the UK to quit the EU altogether at PMQs yesterday. Some colleagues also thought I said “leave” not “lead”.  Hansard reports my intended words: Steve Baker (Wycombe) (Con): Does my right hon. Friend agree that it is time for this country to lead Europe into the hope and potential of a new post-bureaucratic age? The Prime Minister: I think that there are opportunities for Britain in Europe, and we should start […]

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British Bikers Protest Planned EU Motorbike Laws

Great stuff from Mike Weatherley MP:

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The Government’s business strategy

The Government recently announced a number of policies to help British businesses. They have launched the updated and overhauled businesslink.gov.uk website. This is now the primary gateway for businesses, of whatever scale, seeking support and information from the Government. It’s backed by a new telephone contact centre and many thousands of new business mentors. They have launched a new nationally-delivered Manufacturing Advisory Service to help small and medium-sized manufacturers to grow. It is estimated that this will help generate £1.5 […]

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The Infrastructure Delusion | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty

Infrastructure does not an economy make. Highways and railroads, airports and seaports, communications towers and fiber optics cables are essential for the flow of commerce, but it is the people, goods, and information moving over and through this infrastructure that are the heart of an economy. Overinvestment in roads, bridges, and airports means underinvestment in the productive base that is an economy’s life blood.  Government spending means more than just an outlay of dollars; it means consuming scarce resources that […]

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Yes, Minister: Sir Humphrey has all the solutions – Telegraph

Via the Telegraph, Yes, Minister: Sir Humphrey has all the solutions provides a series of memos from Sir Humphrey Appleby to Bernard Woolley on electoral reform, guiding ministers, Brussels and transparency. The entire article is a must-read, but I think the following is my favourite passage: Brussels provides a model for modern government. Legislation can be brought forward only by officials. All important posts are filled by appointment. Political ”leadership’’ is rotated every six months, to ensure that no one ever […]

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