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The enduring curse of easy answers

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Political radicals are in the news, especially in Greece and now Spain. In the midst of tragic suffering, people are being seduced by the curse of easy answers. State socialism has always aimed at a spectacular improvement in the average person’s standard of living. It is a noble intention which I share. The problem is that the methods chosen by state socialists to achieve their aim cannot succeed. And, tragically, in the course of trying, state socialists have all but […]

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LearnLiberty.org – Learn about the ideas of a free society

Via LearnLiberty.org, a great project from the Institute for Humane Studies, Dr Nigel Ashford explains classical liberalism, the doctrine of freedom: The ten principles from the video are: Liberty as the primary political value Individualism Skepticism about power Rule of Law Civil Society Spontaneous Order Free Markets Toleration Peace Limited Government Dr Ashford’s short book Principles for a Free Society is highly recommended too.

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