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Summary of the week – 27 Jun 2010

Highlights from the past week: On Monday, I attended the beginning of Armed Forces Week in Wycombe. Budget statement on Tuesday by the Chancellor. I spoke in the debate receiving a warm reception from Prof. Kevin Dowd on the Institute for Economic Affairs’ blog. The first Cobden Centre Austrian School Seminar began at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Wednesday saw a major post-budget event by the TaxPayers’ Alliance and the IEA, followed by lunch with Secretary of State for Health, […]

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CentreRight: Labour’s legacy is a choice between unpleasant cuts in public spending, a sovereign debt crisis or currency debasement

ConservativeHome have kindly invited me to contribute to CentreRight. In my first article, I debunk potential reasons for Labour’s self-righteous indignation: Since my arrival in Parliament, the Chamber has been characterised by a torrent of self-righteous indignation from Labour and their thoroughgoing lack of remorse about the state of the public finances. There is a sense that Labour think they are on the side of the angels. Giving our opponents the benefit of the doubt, I can think of two […]

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