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Atlas Shrugged on the big screen

As I have reported before, there’s much in Ayn Rand’s writing that I do not like: As an articulation of what goes wrong when government and other coercive institutions intervene in the economy and in society, it is a masterpiece. As an articulation of the timeless morals which have sustained […]

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Coming documentaries

Via ConservativeHome, we learn that the US Tea Party movement has made a movie: Something else to look forward to in the Autumn is a British feature-length documentary on the continuing financial crisis. I made my contribution a few weeks ago.

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Why The Prisoner remake is dire – Times Online

It turns out The Prisoner is being remade, but it’s not all good news. Via Why The Prisoner remake is dire – Times Online. Here’s the good news about the remake of The Prisoner that’s heading to ITV screens this month: you get to see what Ian McKellen, who plays Number […]

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