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Further pressure on food from EU regulation

The EU will be limiting the number of pesticides available to farmers. Lower yields and higher prices are expected. No impact assessment was carried out for the proposals. It’s as if the bureaucrats think regulation is free! read more | digg story

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Rural France and the EU food police

I listened this morning to a Today Programme podcast concerning rural France. An Englishman resident in Normandy was explaining how the villagers scurry around protecting themselves from the “EU gestapo”. To avoid the condemnation of much that is sold to the satisfaction of all concerned, the villagers monitor the train station, watch car numberplates and keep an eye out for strangers. They have to hide cheeses and chickens when these over-eager busybodies emerge. This episode probably speaks for itself.

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David Cameron: Food security must be a priority

I missed this speech. The Conservatives at least are thinking seriously about food security. Highlights from the conclusion, starting with the three action points: Making a genuine free market by ending – once and for all – production subsidies, so British farmers can compete fairly with foreign competitors. Creating a level-playing field of regulations so British farmers are not put at a disadvantage. And helping farmers re-connect with consumers at home, so more money is being spent on more British […]

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