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The EU makes over half our laws and EU law is supreme in the UK

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According to the House of Commons Library, between 2010 and 2013, the average proportion of EU-based UK law and regulation was 59%. They write: The average over these four years was higher, at 59%. But even this calculation does not take account of UK primary legislation or EU ‘soft law’ such as statements, recommendations, guidelines, declarations, special reports etc, which may be implemented equally ‘softly’ in the UK. About twice as many people vote in UK general elections as in […]

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The EU costs us too much, we don’t have control and the bill is growing

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The UK is billed over £50m a day by the EU. Our contribution has grown over the years. We can expect it to grow in the future. We receive a rebate equivalent to £13.6 million a day, applied a year in arrears. It is negotiable. We receive £5.9 billion per year or £16.1 million a day back in ways we cannot control. We make a net contribution of £8.5 billion a year, equivalent to £23 million a day. In 2014, our Prime Minister refused to pay an […]

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