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Presentation on government policy and the economy, 28 Feb 2014

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I’m most grateful to Stupples Chandler Garvey for the opportunity yesterday to present some thoughts on the economy over the next 12 months to local business people. Here are the slides – The UK Economy – the next 12 months:

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Free, zooming presentations with Prezi – How Government created the crisis by debasing money

I have many times presented the argument that for forty years politicians’ promises in excess of what they could take in tax were paid for by debasing the currency to avoid an explosion of debt. Here’s a typical PDF generated from Keynote, Apple’s (superior) competitor to PowerPoint. Then I was introduced to Prezi. Instead of a series of animated slides, Prezi uses a zooming user interface over a canvas. Here’s my first attempt to convey the big economic story of the […]

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